Friday, December 4, 2015

A very very cute clock - I couldn't resist

Happy Friday to all.    

OK, for the longest time I have been saying, "NO CLOCK in the studio."

I keep reiterating that we don't want to have to be aware of the time, we just want to sew, quilt, visit etc.

No keeping track of how long we've been in the Studio...that kind of thing...

 So, in like "forever" there has been no clock....until....NOW!

....drum roll please.... Val (one of the Sugar Shack Sisters (SSS) found this...

Okay, how could I possible resist!  We were up in Revelstoke, BC on route to a quilting retreat when Val found this beauty.   This was most definitely one of those rare  "fab finds."    A must have, and so we now have a clock in the studio.

....the scissors - swing back and forth...oh so cute eh!   It warms my heart when I look at it.
Hugs Deb

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Square In A Square Quilt

Quilts Warm Hearts....need we say more

a finished project...

                                               All blocks completed  - up on the design wall..

The "Square In A Square" block found when watching Jenny Doan, at Missouri Start Quilt Company....

We all know, Jenny has fun when she's creating, quilting, and we are pretty sure she's happy with life in general.  We like her.  Check out all the FREE tutorials Missouri Quilt Company has on as well.  I'd be happy if I had a yellow iron like her's too! Wow this thing is cool...oh hot really!

Free ideas and patterns, nothing can be better than this, okay, maybe chocolate...sorry Jenny.

Quilted on my B-Line 18 longarm machine.  Selected two simple designs to use; swirls by Angela Walters

Angela...your swirl I am trying to get better at....
A sweet friend said to pick 4 free motion fillers and practice, practice and more practice. So I said maybe 2 will be a great start.

                                   Quilt was finished yesterday, binding and label too!  Yahoo.

                                                      " Quilts Warm Hearts "

Quilts Warm Hearts

Quilts Warm Hearts...

"a finished project" 


...while wrapped in a quilt "your heart is warm", your thoughts are soft and you simply relish the quiet time a quilt can give your heart.  It's warm and cozy, in a way that's "simple" and good old fashioned "nice.."

The block is called "BOXED IN" by Faith Jones  I found it in a great book called "MODERN BLOCKS," which contains 99 Quilt Blocks - compiled by Susanne Woods, by Stash Books. It features 99 blocks by various designers which include, but is not limited to; Natalia Bonner, Modern Quilt Studio, Cheryl Arkison, Angela Yosten, Angela Pingel, Pat Sloan, Yvonne Malone, Solidia Hubbard, Latifah Saafir, and many more.  Check it out!

I made it into a "one block" quilt block, added some sashing and headers and here is what I have.  A great looking simple lap quilt.   I pieced and free motion quilted it on my domestic machine

  Here's the book!


   " Quilts Warm Hearts "